PROKOZ is a value based cooperative group of 25 leading independent distributors who work together to create value through supporting key Supplier Partner Brands in the Golf, Lawn & Landscape, Production Ornamentals, and Sports Turf markets.  As the recognized Industry Leader, PROKOZ owner distributors work together on key initiatives to create value through Win-Win opportunities with our Brand Partners. Owner distributors add value to the industry by representing best in class branded products, with local service, technical expertise, and exceptional customer experiences in every purchasing process.


Prokoz’s Why

  • Creating Value for the Turf & Ornamental Industry

Prokoz’s How/Values

  • Create Value
  • Ownership Approach
  • Strive for Win-Win
  • Organizational Excellence

Prokoz’s What/Strategic Initiatives

  • Brand First
  • Growth
  • Unified Direction
  • Aligned Support