FMC Corporation: Product Stewardship and Sustainability Assessment Tool

Thu, Jul 02 2020

At FMC, we are committed to developing products and technologies for a secure and sustainable food supply.

Science and innovation drive our business.  We invest significant resources in discovering new active ingredients and formulations that support sustainable agriculture around the world. Our R&D team of more than 800 scientists and associates are working on one of the most robust discovery and development pipelines in the industry.  Recognizing the work in R&D as a core part of our business, we sought to think of ways that we could measure and evaluate R&D projects and our existing products in the market through the lens of sustainability. In 2016, we developed the Product Stewardship and Sustainability Assessment Tool (PSSA).

What is the PSSA tool?

The PSSA is an American Chemistry Council (ACC) award-winning tool that compares an active ingredient or formulated product to a benchmark active ingredient or product. This results in a sustainability matrix value and a spider diagram (see example below) that determine if our project or product is more sustainable than the benchmark.  This matrix value is based on stewardship and sustainability questions that address product hazards, environmental and human exposure and the product’s overall life cycle.

The questions in the PSSA focus on six major global challenges and directly relate the ACC’s industry-wide Sustainability Principles.  These global challenges are:

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