Golf courses, superintendents grapple with coronavirus

Golf courses, superintendents grapple with coronavirus

Wed, Mar 18 2020

Amid closures and quarantines, the golf course management industry is adjusting to a changing operational landscape. Superintendents share their plans and perspectives.

On Thursday, March 12 — the day the COVID-19 pandemic lost any remaining abstraction across North America, when the NCAA pulled the plug on March Madness and the NBA marked the first full day of its postseason and all the other sporting dominos tumbled or at least teetered — Hunter Brewer fired off a tweet. His tweet wasn’t the first, surely, and unquestionably not the last on the topic, but it had to be among the most starkly eloquent — concisely putting words to a question that had to be on the minds of everyone in the golf course maintenance industry.

"So what happens, Brewer tweeted, when a Superintendent or Assistant or crew member comes down with this thing? Are we just going to abandon the golf course for 2+ weeks while everyone quarantines? Everyone is in close contact with everyone else on a daily basis. This could be a wild ride."

The tweet didn’t exactly explode, but it did spark a digital discussion that’s far from over.

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