GreensPro joins PROKOZ, Inc.

Wed, Mar 01 2023

GreensPro joins PROKOZ, Inc.

Alpharetta, GA – PROKOZ, Inc., a leading cooperative group of “Best in Class” independent distributors in the Turf and Ornamental Markets, announces that GreensPro and PROKOZ have reached agreement for GreensPro to become the newest owner to join the family of companies.

PROKOZ President John Johnson stated, “GreensPro aligns incredibly well with our values, and helps strengthen our position in the Midwest Professional Turf Markets by expanding our local relationships and expertise to the PROKOZ partnerships, that we support. We look forward to working with our Supplier Partners and Owner Companies to continue to Create Value!”

GreensPro President Jeff Baxter said: “When we talked with Josh and John, we knew our business would fit well with Prokoz and its family of companies. We look forward to working with them promoting brand and creating value for our market.”


PROKOZ is the nation’s leading cooperative group of independent distributors that are engaged in the sale of professional products in the Turf and Ornamental Markets. As a recognized industry leader, PROKOZ owner companies work together on Win-Win opportunities with select Supplier Partners. Owners add value to the industry by representing best-in-class branded products, with local service, agronomical support, and training.

About GreensPro

Founded by Mark Slaughter, Rich Carlson, Paul Hurst, Tyler Fishel, and Jeff Baxter in 2010. GreensPro, Inc. was established with the goal of becoming the leading source for turf products in our market. We set out to achieve this goal with a sales force that has over 100 years of experience and knowledge. Our expertise allows us to work with our golf course, lawn care and sports turf customers to develop customized programs, and provide solutions that meet their individual needs. For more information, please visit