Herbicides in 2019: Price Tag Shocks, Dicamba 3.0

Thu, Nov 15 2018

Herbicide price hikes across the board are an inevitability for 2019, as retailers and the entire ag community deal with a couple of harsh realities: one, tariffs on imports from China and, two, fallout from the Chinese environmental clean-up that has gutted supply of some technical-grade and inert products.

Metribuzin is one example of a tough-to-get product as of late, according to industry people with whom we spoke.

Pesticides are among the $200 billion worth of Chinese products on which Washington has slapped a 10% tariff from Sept. 24. That duty will rise to 25% by Jan. 1.

Price increases of between 3% and 10% will affect the lion’s share, but some herbicides could soar as high as 40%.

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