Kalida fungicide receives EPA registration

Tue, Jul 06 2021

FMC Corporation has received EPA registration for Kalida fungicide. The active ingredients in Kalida include fluindapyr, a novel broad-spectrum SDHI, and flutriafol, a next generation DMI, which combine to provide effective, broad-spectrum control as a standalone product or as part of a program.

Golf course superintendents in the U.S. will have the flexibility to tackle destructive diseases such as bipolaris leaf spot, take-all root rot, fairy ring, and mini ring in warm-season turf, as well as anthracnose, fairy ring, summer patch and brown patch in cool-season turfgrasses with Kalida fungicide. Kalida fits well into disease management programs, allowing superintendents to rotate chemistry and achieve outstanding results. This offering follows the company’s successful launch of Rayora fungicide, a standalone flutriafol product for use on golf course turf.

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