Pinpoint registered for use in New York

Tue, Jun 23 2020

Nufarm announced that Pinpoint is now registered in New York. Pinpoint works in rotation with SDHI fungicides to prevent the onset of any SDHI-resistant dollar spot.

"We're excited to be able to supply superintendents with an additional tool to help them keep their greens and fairways healthy and dollar spot free," said Jason Fausey, director of technical services, Turf & Ornamentals for Nufarm. "Pinpoint provides powerful dollar spot control and excellent turf tolerance, and enhances the stewardship of disease management programs."

Pinpoint is labeled for use on turf and lawn sites, including golf courses, lawns around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industry buildings, parks, recreational areas, athletic fields, and sod farms.

Pinpoint is a member of FRAC group 11 and is best used preventively in a rotation program. It provides an additional management option for dollar spot and an excellent rotation partner for other classes of chemistry.

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