Posterity now registered for golf course use in New York

Mon, Jun 17 2019

Posterity fungicide from Syngenta is now registered in New York to control key diseases on golf course turf. A SDHI that controls dollar spot, Posterity holds stronger than the industry standard to provide up to 28 days of control. 
“We’ve seen excellent dollar spot control from Posterity since launching it last August,” said Dr. Mike Agnew, technical services manager for turf at Syngenta. “We had great results in our research trials, and we’ve heard from superintendents across the country who have seen increased disease control on their courses.”

Preventive applications of Posterity are recommended beginning in the spring, prior to the development of dollar spot. Posterity also has curative properties and can be used for extended preventive applications for continued protection that holds strong until winter.

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