SpeedZone EW receives California registration

Tue, Feb 08 2022

PBI-Gordon announced that SpeedZone EW Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf has received registration from the State of California for use in California.

SpeedZone EW features a novel, emulsion-in-water formulation that creates smaller particle size than earlier EC formulations. This results in more active ingredients impacting the leaf surface for improved efficacy, lower odor profile and lower Volatile Organic Content.

Ideal for use on golf courses, residential and commercial turf areas, SpeedZone EW controls more than 90 broadleaf weeds, including dollarweed, ground ivy, and spurge. The herbicide is labeled for use in the most common turfgrass species, including Kentucky bluegrass, annual bluegrass, annual ryegrass, perennial ryegrass and tall fescue.

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