Wilbur-Ellis joins PROKOZ, Inc.

Mon, Feb 06 2023



February 6, 2023

Wilbur-Ellis joins PROKOZ, Inc.

Alpharetta, GA – PROKOZ, Inc., a leading cooperative group of “Best in Class” independent distributors in the Turf and Ornamental Markets, announces that Wilbur-Ellis and PROKOZ have reached agreement for Wilbur-Ellis to become the newest owner to join the family of companies.

PROKOZ President John Johnson stated, “We appreciate the hard work that Wilbur-Ellis, our Supplier Partners, and the Prokoz Teams have put forth to help bring Wilbur-Ellis into the PROKOZ family of companies. As we said earlier, the entire Wilbur- Ellis team aligns incredibly well with our values, and they strengthen our position in the Professional Turf and Ornamental Markets by bringing a great deal of local experience and knowledge to PROKOZ’s partnerships, which we represent. We look forward to working with our Supplier Partners to continue to Create Value going forward!”

Chris Moyer, Wilbur-Ellis Director of Supplier Relations, Pro Markets, said: “Wilbur-Ellis is thrilled about joining PROKOZ. The organizational culture mirrors our company culture and PROKOZ strategically aligns with our company objectives and goals.”


PROKOZ is the nation’s leading cooperative group of independent distributors that are engaged in the sale of professional products in the Turf and Ornamental Markets. As a recognized industry leader, all PROKOZ owner companies work together on Win-Win opportunities with select Supplier Partners. Owners add value to the industry by representing best-in-class branded products, with local service, agronomical support, and training.

About the Wilbur-Ellis companies Founded in 1921, the Wilbur-Ellis companies are leading international marketers, distributors and manufacturers of agricultural products, animal nutrients and specialty chemicals and ingredients. By developing strong relationships, making strategic market investments, and capitalizing on new opportunities, the Wilbur-Ellis companies have continued to grow the business with sales of over $3.5 billion. For more information, please visit www.wilburellis.com