Zimco Supply Company joins PROKOZ, Inc.

Mon, Sep 25 2023

Zimco Supply Company joins PROKOZ, Inc.

Alpharetta, GA – PROKOZ, Inc., a leading cooperative group of “Best in Class” independent distributors in the Turf and Ornamental Markets, announces that Zimco Supply Company and PROKOZ have reached agreement for Zimco to become the newest owner to join the family of companies effective October 1, 2023.

PROKOZ President John Johnson stated, “Zimco aligns very well with our values, and helps strengthen our position in the upper Midwest Professional Turf Markets by expanding our local relationships and expertise to the PROKOZ partnerships, that we represent! We are excited about the future of Prokoz as we work with our Supplier Partners and Owner Companies to continue to Create Value for the Turf & Ornamental Markets!”

Zimco President Britt Henderson said: “We are excited about our Ownership in Prokoz. This enhances our Branded portfolio offering in the Professional Turf Markets and service to our customers. Together with Prokoz, we look forward to delivering even greater value to the industry we serve.”


PROKOZ is the nation’s leading cooperative group of independent distributors that are engaged in the sale of professional products in the Turf and Ornamental Markets. As a recognized industry leader, PROKOZ Owner Companies work together on Win-Win opportunities with select Supplier Partners. Owners add value to the industry by representing best-in-class branded products, with local service, agronomical support, and training.

About Zimco Supply Company

Zimco Supply Company has been a trusted source for high quality turf products in the industry since 1981. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers has been the cornerstone of our success. As a full line distributor catering to golf courses, landscaping professionals, and the turf and ornamental markets, Zimco Supply Company is your reliable partner, offering the expertise, experience, and premium products to fulfill your needs.